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Re: linux on max problem


How and at what point do I do the kernel-commandline:



Tony Pitman

Tony Pitman wrote:

Well, I have gotten a lot farther than I was before. I actually got to the part of loading the base debian. This is a Quarda 700 with 20mb ram and 2 HDD. The first is 80mb with MacOS on it and the second is 160mb with 120mb root&usr partition and 46mb swap. As I said I am all the way to the point of extracting the base debs from the basedebs.tar file. The problem is that it has been on that dialog for about an hour now. Is this normal? I know it is a slow machine, but should it really take this long to extract? If this is typical, can someone tell me how long IS too long? How long should I give it before I figure something is wrong? If something is wrong, what do I do about it?


It's typical for this step to 1) take long (several hours on my Quadra 650, which is 33MHz/25MHz=about 32% faster then your Quadra700 and 2) to hit the reselect-problems when using multiple SCSI devices. This latest issue can be solved the following way: Use at least a 2.2.20 kernel, and disable reselect with the following kernel-commandline:

mac53c9x=1,0    (for every 68040 Mac except Quadra900/950)
mac53c9x=2,0    (for Quadra 900/950).

HTH, Erik
Erik C.J. Laan                          elaan at dds.nl
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