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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

V Čt, 29. 07. 2004 v 21:43, Petr Stehlik píše:
> Well. On machines where ramdisk cannot be loaded to FastRAM the 2 MB of
> ST-RAM is clearly not enough. And since the kernel + initrd is no less
> than 6 MB it's safe to say that even 4 MB of ST-RAM is not enough

When I am thinking about it again: both kernel and ramdisk must be
loaded to RAM prior starting the kernel, right? Bootstrap won't load it
to different types of memory I think (it's not that smart, is it :) so I
would say that documenting something like

  "8 MB of continuous memory is the minimum for Sarge installation, and
for Falcon this must be ST-RAM, not any form of FastRAM"

would be most adequate (I need to check the latest bootstrap source code
but from what I remember none of the Falcon FastRAM implementations were
safe for Linux).

Please prove me wrong since it would render most Falcons
Linux-incompatible. I don't remember anyone running it on TT, not sure
about current status on Medusa or Hades, and Milan is not compatible. So
is there any Atari computer that is able to run Sarge? I must fix ARAnyM


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