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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

Nice to see someone actually putting in specific platform advice.

Quickly looking over the video section (with an eye to the mac specific
areas) I am reminded that one of the biggest headaches new installs run
into is with the xserver. Besides making a general reference to the
xfree site, what information is on hand to expand this area?

also i note that the pointer to 
seems to suggest that no recent development is actually taking place re
a 2.6 kernel


On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 02:28, Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> We need to make sure the m68k documentation is up-to-date for the sarge
> installation manual.
> If you'd like to look over the whole manual, my updates are at  
> <http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/manual/en.m68k/index.html>.
> Are the following bits okay?
> 2.5. Memory and Disk Space Requirements
>  On the Amiga the size of FastRAM is relevant towards the total memory
>  requirements. Also, using Zorro cards with 16-bit RAM is not supported;
>  you'll need 32-bit RAM. The amiboot program can be used to disable
>  16-bit RAM; see the Linux/m68k FAQ. Recent kernels should disable
>  16-bit RAM automatically.
>  On the Atari, both ST-RAM and Fast RAM (TT-RAM) are used by Linux. Many
>  users have reported problems running the kernel itself in Fast RAM, so
>  the Atari bootstrap will place the kernel in ST-RAM. The minimum
>  requirement for ST-RAM is 2 MB.
>  On the Macintosh, care should be taken on machines with RAM-based video
>  (RBV). The RAM segment at physical address 0 is used as screen memory,
>  making the default load position for the kernel unavailable. The
>  alternate RAM segment used for kernel and RAMdisk must be at least 4
>  MB.
> 3.6.1. Firmware Revisions and Existing OS Setup
>  Motorola 680x0 machines are generally self-configuring and do not
>  require firmware configuration. However, you should make sure that you
>  have the appropriate ROM and system patches. On the Macintosh, MacOS
>  version >= 7.1 is recommended because version 7.0.1 contains a bug in
>  the video drivers preventing the boot loader from deactivating the video
>  interrupts, resulting in a boot hang. The Amiga bootstrap requires
>  ixemul.library, a version of which is distributed on the CD-ROM. On the
>  BVM VMEbus systems you should make sure you are using BVMBug revision G
>  or higher boot ROMs. The BVMBug boot ROMs do not come as standard on the
>  BVM systems but are available from BVM on request free of charge.
>  FIXME: Mac needs >= 7.1 ? AmigaOS setpatch and ROM revisions? (see the
>  m68k FAQ)
> Thanks,
> Stephen
David Howe

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