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Debian Sarge Installation Manual

We need to make sure the m68k documentation is up-to-date for the sarge
installation manual.

If you'd like to look over the whole manual, my updates are at  

Are the following bits okay?

2.5. Memory and Disk Space Requirements

 On the Amiga the size of FastRAM is relevant towards the total memory
 requirements. Also, using Zorro cards with 16-bit RAM is not supported;
 you'll need 32-bit RAM. The amiboot program can be used to disable
 16-bit RAM; see the Linux/m68k FAQ. Recent kernels should disable
 16-bit RAM automatically.

 On the Atari, both ST-RAM and Fast RAM (TT-RAM) are used by Linux. Many
 users have reported problems running the kernel itself in Fast RAM, so
 the Atari bootstrap will place the kernel in ST-RAM. The minimum
 requirement for ST-RAM is 2 MB.

 On the Macintosh, care should be taken on machines with RAM-based video
 (RBV). The RAM segment at physical address 0 is used as screen memory,
 making the default load position for the kernel unavailable. The
 alternate RAM segment used for kernel and RAMdisk must be at least 4

3.6.1. Firmware Revisions and Existing OS Setup

 Motorola 680x0 machines are generally self-configuring and do not
 require firmware configuration. However, you should make sure that you
 have the appropriate ROM and system patches. On the Macintosh, MacOS
 version >= 7.1 is recommended because version 7.0.1 contains a bug in
 the video drivers preventing the boot loader from deactivating the video
 interrupts, resulting in a boot hang. The Amiga bootstrap requires
 ixemul.library, a version of which is distributed on the CD-ROM. On the
 BVM VMEbus systems you should make sure you are using BVMBug revision G
 or higher boot ROMs. The BVMBug boot ROMs do not come as standard on the
 BVM systems but are available from BVM on request free of charge.
 FIXME: Mac needs >= 7.1 ? AmigaOS setpatch and ROM revisions? (see the
 m68k FAQ)



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