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Re: install prob: "unable to open initial console" on A4000

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 06:17:23PM +0100, Dr.O.Muth wrote:

> Maybe there is a manual workaround? I assume, that it is something in the
Sorry, no idea. See PM for my last hope.
> boot.bin, that makes it hang. Maybe somebody can send me the contents of
> boot.bin in gzipped format, so that I can install it directly on a
> temporary partition on the harddrive? Would that make sense? 
> Sorry, I don´t have any idea, what the problem might be....
On you CD or your favorite debian mirror:

Or what do you mean with contents of root.bin? Maybe you could try to boot
the (really really outdated) watchtower filesys, or try a slink
installation, but I am not sure if that would give any further insight.


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