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Re: DebConf16 team meeting: Wednesday 24 June 2015, matters to discuss

cool will do Raoul.

hi all 
the one Bernelle put in was not the final one it was jus a testa to see if the svg format works. 
It is not far from the final but more to see, of how all works etc. 

So will send the final one this evening in a Dropbox folder and will invite everyone to it. 

Kind  Regards

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 9:33 PM, Raoul Snyman <raoul@snyman.info> wrote:
She wants to keep these in dropbox, which I think will work great
for big files that's being changed often. I shudderingly await
Martin's comment on this. I think we'll do  a dropbox folder for
it anyways and I'll keep updating git as we go along...

Can I have in on this Dropbox folder please? You can use this e-mail address.

I'll see you guys tomorrow evening - just ping me if I don't seem active, please.

Raoul Snyman
e: raoul@snyman.info
Please note that my e-mail address has changed!

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