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DebConf16 team meeting: Wednesday 24 June 2015, matters to discuss

DebConf16 team meeting: Wednesday 24 June 2015

1. Budget: nkukard loaded the first draft of a budget on git - budget folder, budget_dc16.ods

2. DebConf16 dates: UCT Vac dates 14 June to 07 July 2016, this will be confirmed before end of the month of June 2015.
So, is DebConf16 that ends on 6 July too early?

3. Accommodation: 2016 rates is now available and in the accommodation folder on git, as well as the contract template.
Rooms: R283.00 pppn, incl VAT.
Meal rates are also there.

3.1. Things to consider in the contract: 
** Can someone with more legal know-how fine comb this contract?
3.1.1. Admin:
on page 1 they ask for number of beds. advice?
on page 2 there is a meal type selection box, which offers the possibility that the food may be better if we choose 'commercial'
it also asks for amount of meals, that I hope we can negotiate on a more ad hoc basis.
we may need a deposit payment soon - how do we go about this? where can we find this money?
page 8: 23. The University is a ‘non-smoking’ institution and smoking in public areas inside of buildings is prohibited.
please take note of security things - page 9 (these look good)

3.1.2. Alcohol: 
page 11: ALCOHOL
1. Glass bottles may not be brought into residence or its environment under any circumstances.
2. Should anyone wish to bring alcohol onto University premises, it first needs to be cleared via the Vacation Accommodation Office.
So, not an outright no :)

3.2. Then, choices choices:
Residence: Graca Machel has a total of 382 rooms, made up of 194 single and 94 double rooms, plus four rooms for disabled residents. But it is on Middle campus, and so a few minutes walk (uphill!) to the conference venue. It's a very new building.
Upper campus: Fuller is available, which houses 229 students mostly in single rooms, it's situated on the upper campus, close to the library, computer labs, Sports Centre and lectures. We could use Jan Smuts to possibly take up extras, but this strains the kitchen. This residence is very, very close to the conference venue, I'd say less than 50m. This building is ancient.

I haven't explored family accommodation further yet.

4. Actual conference venue: 
Originally we had our heart set on the New Engineering Building. This is a combined space, with some lecture theatres, some labs, some offices. The venue manager is concerned that the space is not well suited to our needs, and also concerned that we might cause too much noise. She strongly recommends using Leslie Social Sciences. This area is dedicated lecture venues only, with some ATM's, coffee shop, food canteen on site. It's not as pretty, but definitely much more convenient. It is also incredibly close to Fuller Hall.
There is a single flight of steps between Fuller and Leslie Social, so still needs some disabled assistance, but I think in general is easier in terms of access for everyone.
tumbleweed and ginggs to comment on infrastructure side, in particular.

5. Design
Tammy has some designs, but somehow we keep missing each other, and her email to me gets lost or something. Will send through as soon as I have it.

6. Sponsor Brochure
I'll try to write my thoughts down properly, for comment by tomorrow eve.

7. Prospective sponsors list
wendar and nkukard to report on progress

best regards

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