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Re: DebConf16 team meeting: Wednesday 24 June 2015, matters to discuss

Hi all

I've seen some budget discussion, haven't been following too closely,
but great that it's moving.

4. Conference venue:
I now have confirmation of venue booking - the dates are preliminary
for 4 to 17 July... see git accommodation folder. I don't have costs
I have also uploaded the scanned in copy of the senate approval doc
(thanks ginggs) that allows us to host the conference at UCT - any UCT
related admin requires this document.

5. Design
Tammy has given another logo design - see
LOGO'S_round_2_testa_23jun15.svgz in Logo folder. More is forthcoming.
She wants to keep these in dropbox, which I think will work great for
big files that's being changed often. I shudderingly await Martin's
comment on this. I think we'll do  a dropbox folder for it anyways and
I'll keep updating git as we go along...

6. Sponsor brochure
Then, lastly, I want to chat sponsor perks. I don't have the strength
for latex today, so I just made a table in an .odt. Martin, I suspect
the biggest issue is something to do with sponsor perks. I want to use
this doc to explore what those issues are, and brainstorm ideas here.
The link: fundraising/brochure/sponsor_brochure_ideas.odt


On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 8:04 PM, Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> wrote:
> DebConf16 team meeting: Wednesday 24 June 2015
> 1. Budget: nkukard loaded the first draft of a budget on git - budget
> folder, budget_dc16.ods
> 2. DebConf16 dates: UCT Vac dates 14 June to 07 July 2016, this will be
> confirmed before end of the month of June 2015.
> So, is DebConf16 that ends on 6 July too early?
> 3. Accommodation: 2016 rates is now available and in the accommodation
> folder on git, as well as the contract template.
> Rooms: R283.00 pppn, incl VAT.
> Meal rates are also there.
> 3.1. Things to consider in the contract:
> ** Can someone with more legal know-how fine comb this contract?
> 3.1.1. Admin:
> on page 1 they ask for number of beds. advice?
> on page 2 there is a meal type selection box, which offers the possibility
> that the food may be better if we choose 'commercial'
> it also asks for amount of meals, that I hope we can negotiate on a more ad
> hoc basis.
> we may need a deposit payment soon - how do we go about this? where can we
> find this money?
> page 8: 23. The University is a ‘non-smoking’ institution and smoking in
> public areas inside of buildings is prohibited.
> please take note of security things - page 9 (these look good)
> 3.1.2. Alcohol:
> page 11: ALCOHOL
> 1. Glass bottles may not be brought into residence or its environment under
> any circumstances.
> 2. Should anyone wish to bring alcohol onto University premises, it first
> needs to be cleared via the Vacation Accommodation Office.
> So, not an outright no :)
> 3.2. Then, choices choices:
> Residence: Graca Machel has a total of 382 rooms, made up of 194 single and
> 94 double rooms, plus four rooms for disabled residents. But it is on Middle
> campus, and so a few minutes walk (uphill!) to the conference venue. It's a
> very new building.
> Upper campus: Fuller is available, which houses 229 students mostly in
> single rooms, it's situated on the upper campus, close to the library,
> computer labs, Sports Centre and lectures. We could use Jan Smuts to
> possibly take up extras, but this strains the kitchen. This residence is
> very, very close to the conference venue, I'd say less than 50m. This
> building is ancient.
> http://www.uct.ac.za/apply/residence/uctresidence/first/residences/
> I haven't explored family accommodation further yet.
> 4. Actual conference venue:
> Originally we had our heart set on the New Engineering Building. This is a
> combined space, with some lecture theatres, some labs, some offices. The
> venue manager is concerned that the space is not well suited to our needs,
> and also concerned that we might cause too much noise. She strongly
> recommends using Leslie Social Sciences. This area is dedicated lecture
> venues only, with some ATM's, coffee shop, food canteen on site. It's not as
> pretty, but definitely much more convenient. It is also incredibly close to
> Fuller Hall.
> There is a single flight of steps between Fuller and Leslie Social, so still
> needs some disabled assistance, but I think in general is easier in terms of
> access for everyone.
> tumbleweed and ginggs to comment on infrastructure side, in particular.
> 5. Design
> Tammy has some designs, but somehow we keep missing each other, and her
> email to me gets lost or something. Will send through as soon as I have it.
> 6. Sponsor Brochure
> I'll try to write my thoughts down properly, for comment by tomorrow eve.
> 7. Prospective sponsors list
> wendar and nkukard to report on progress
> best regards
> Bernelle

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