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Re: [Debconf-video] FOSDEM video coverage


On Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > So, where do we get encoding servers?
> As to hardware: I will have a few spare laptops, we can use some of those
> as encoding "servers". They should be fairly modern, and thus capable
> enough to do this. "a few" means: I have rented one more than I need,
> strictly
> speaking; the rental people said they'll add one extra "just in case";
> and I also have my two-year-old personal HP laptop which I'm not
> personally using but which otherwise is still in good enough condition.
> If needs be, I can bring my DVD player (a 2.8Ghz Core2Duo or
> thereabouts in a desktop case) as well. Four machines for transcoding
> five DV streams should be plenty, and we can probably put all of them at
> the NOC.

so how many do you have in total?

There are 6 in Paris and if needed, I could probably also bring an extra one.

On Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, Philip Paeps wrote:
> > when is it? (the earliest for one of the 5 rooms the video team is
> > interested in...)
> We don't know yet.  I've asked for the schedules.  As soon as I have them,
> I'll forward them here.  Watch this space.

cool, thanks!
> We usually start setting up in the usual corner.  I can ask if any rooms
> are free if you just want to make sure stuff is working.  Might not be one
> of the rooms you want though, but if it's just to test stuff...

jup, such a room would be awesome. Even better if we could use it over the 
weekend too, as a videoteam base and working room.
> I admit to being largely ignorant about encoding etc.  If someone
> (fluendo?) wants to ship us a couple of pizzas to do it, we can put them
> with in the flightcase-rack we have for our network gear.  Shipping
> details will need to be sorted out PDQ and you'll probably also want to
> test the machines to make sure DHL or whoever didn't do anything nasty to
> them.

I guess we'll bring our own (laptops) for that :)
> > So, where do we get encoding servers?
> Where you get them is up to you, I can help you put them somewhere though.
> :)



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