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Re: Organizing the video team

On Thu, 19 May 2005 22:12:32 +0300, Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> wrote:

I got a comment on the tapes from a person who will likely participate
in the camera and editing crew:

If we record to tape just in case, then at least we will have a good
quality recording for postprocessing. Not to mention a comparatively
cheap backup, should anything go wrong with the rest of the system.

 I thought so, too, until I discovered a really annoying quirk in my
new HDV camera: It cuts the sound during tape eject and tape insertion.
The timecode is reset when I switch tape, too.  So my long continuous
harddisk recording has two 5-second periods of silence, and non-contiguous
timecode.  Ick!

In order to make all this light-weight, I suggest we do record on tape
and during DebConf we will probably have a chance to sit down and think
about where the tapes can be stored safely and how we can provide the
material if and when someone does want to do something with it.

 Harddrives will be roughly the same weight and size, and only 2-3 times
more expensive than DV tape.  DV tapes may go out of fashion before IDE
drives do.  If we have a TB of disk storage that we can maintain, we are

Herman Robak

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