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Re: Organizing the video team

On Tue, 10 May 2005 18:52:41 +0300, Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> wrote:

...excellent summary snipped...

              * How will recording be implemented? On tape, on harddrive
                of recording station/laptop, or streamed to storage

 Directly to harddrive has quite a few advantages.
But there are challenges and things to be tested:

* Will grabbing from two cameras to one laptop work well?
* Will sending raw DV over 100mbs network work well?
* Will compressing video on fly work well on laptops?
	+ What software and which settings?

              * Exact details on how to provide projector stream:
                separately or picture-in-picture. Perhaps only for
                edited version since it is CPU-intensive

 A grabber running on the speaker's PC (vncrec)?
 VGA to video to analog grabber (ick)?

I hope this gets us started. My apologies if it sounds like I'm trying
to push too hard or take someone else's place.

 I am glad you posted this summary, and prompted us to document whatever
we have been able to find out.

Herman Robak

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