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On Audio

The issue of audio came up in a private email exchange.

As I'm sure you'll all aware, audio is at least half the experience of
any video material. Even more so when we record presentations: the audio
may actually be much more valuable than the video. Audio + slides is
worth much more than video + slides. Of course the video is very
important as well.

So, I think we should brainstorm a little bit around this issue. We
should think carefully about how to monitor and mix the sound so that it
is as clear and high-quality as possible.

I will try to include audio-people into the camera and editing team.

Could someone find out what equipment we need and what we have already:
      * mixing table,
      * how to hook it up into the existing sound system,
      * how to record the sound -- completely separate DAT/harddrive
        recording or plugged into the camera that is best suited for

We should soon try to get a full picture of what we're doing and have
some high-level diagram of what connects to what and how everything is
supposed to work together. Then we can focus on solving specific tasks
and get missing equipment.

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net>

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