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Re: Organizing the video team

Hi everyone! I'm on the list (thanks for all the courtesy CC'ing!).

> ...excellent summary snipped...

Yep, +1 -- thanks for putting it together!
> >               * How will recording be implemented? On tape, on harddrive
> >                 of recording station/laptop, or streamed to storage
> >                 server?
>   Directly to harddrive has quite a few advantages.
> But there are challenges and things to be tested:
> * Will grabbing from two cameras to one laptop work well?
> * Will sending raw DV over 100mbs network work well?
> * Will compressing video on fly work well on laptops?
>         + What software and which settings?

I'm working on getting fluendo (or ffmpeg) capturing from FW, doing
high quality, but lossy, compression and saving that to the HD. We
don't need laptops -- a reasonably modern PC should be able to handle
it (I want to provide proof of that, too).

I completely want to avoid tapes. I want to put as much work up front
on the setup as possible, so that we just do the lights/sounds/camera
work, which is more than enough already for people who are there for
the conference itself, not to slave over transferring video from tapes
to digital and editing, and stuff.

I'm hoping that we can stream things live, but the main value is in
recording and making the presentations avaialble with reasonable
effort. And we don't need broadcast-quality/HD-eating lossless capture
at all. Something that does 2GB per hour with "fast" compression
should be more than good enough for us.

Editing/post-production is very very very very unlikely to happen
unless someone steps up and gets it done. Last year I captured about
15 minutes of really interesting storytelling that Biella organized,
where Ian, Bdale and others told stories of how Debian started. It was
mesmerizing to be there, and the video captures quite a few
interesting parts of it, but no-one ever got around to editing
anything out of it.

> >               * Exact details on how to provide projector stream:
> >                 separately or picture-in-picture. Perhaps only for
> >                 edited version since it is CPU-intensive
>   A grabber running on the speaker's PC (vncrec)?
>   VGA to video to analog grabber (ick)?

If presenters supply their slides (even if it's an early version or if
they supply them post-facto) we'll put a link to the slides next to
the link to the video. The video feed should have the speaker in
frame, and not worry about the screen much, unless there is something
interactive happening.

Users will be able to open the slides in whatever format and page
through them as they watch the presentation. Anyone interested in
Debconf presentations will be assumed to have such basic skillz ;)

We can give a hint to the speaker to say 'next slide' clearly, but
when you watch a presentation, the speaker's body language and pauses
are quite obvious.

The main value is that people will blog about presentations that were
really good, and they should be able to link to them easily in their
blog entries. They'll end up doing the job of feeding Google,
specially if we can have a quick turnaround in posting the file.

If we can stream it live, it'll be cream on top, but I'm quite sure
that most of the stream clients will be intra-debconf, people in
presentation #1 checking out how's presentation #2 going. We had that
all the time in Brazil, with people exchanging notes via IRC, and
defecting from boring presentations to more interesting ones, or
directly to the hacklab.

People not at the conference will probably check things out in their
own time, or will check interesting stuff that is being discussed in
the blogosphere.

BTW, I don't see much value in having an audio-only stream, but we may
be able to get it going.



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