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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget

stefanor@debian.org dijo [Sat, Sep 10, 2022 at 08:34:42AM +0000]:
> > FWIW, we have been adding "traditions" and expectations to DebConf,
> > and I don't think we should be expected to keep them all always.
> Yeah, I worry that DebConf is continually growing in scope. We have seen
> some reductions (like skipping Debian Day), but on the whole we just
> keep building in complexity.

... and it adds a lot of pressure to prospective future bids, IMO. I
think we should cut back on things organized as part of a DebConf.

> > I think a barbeque should only be held if we end up having a bit extra
> > income. Of course, it has to be organized for some time before the
> > conf actually happens...
> That is tricky, we really only have a handle on final sponsorship income
> a month out. But it could be something we do in the first budget
> expansion early on (together with the usual bursary bump).

I understand...

> I think the approach to swag should be simple:
> 1. Reusable containers etc. to reduce our impact: e.g. we've had coffee
>    cups, beer cups, cutlery, and water bottles in the past.
>    This only works if:
>    1. These are available from DebCamp day -1.
>    2. The caterers are onboard.
>    3. They can be washed and dried everywhere that they're needed.
> 2. A (simple?) bag to contain whatever sponsors want to provide.
> 3. Our conference shirts.

Completely agree with this. Plus, +1'ing others in the thread, I'd
rather put more money in having _good_ shirts, possibly even nice and
useful bags, than in having more things.

> Sadly for the environment, sponsors almost always want to hand out
> pamphlets and some toys. We support our sponsors so we help them with
> that. Ideally we'd encourage them to help us to provide only practical
> things (like reusable containers), but in practice they are probably too
> distant from us to collaborate closely on all our needs.
> So... I think we should generally budget for minimal swag: just the
> conference shirts and a basic bag. Then if we can find some reusable
> things that make sense, add them to the budget (possibly in a later
> budget expansion).

I remember severeal of the sponsors set up tables and gave away swag
at DC18 (was it at the job fair?). I think that should be encouraged
over filling our bags with stuff, that will possibly be ignored or
thrown away by many. (And yes, I'm grateful at DC18's, as I managed to
grab many Lego characters and some other nice toys for my kids --
otherwise, I'd have got only one of each, not really the best thing
having then-3-year-old twins 😉)

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