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debconf.org web pages


I was looking at the Debconf pages, and found some very good info
about the goals of Debconf. I will include some of this info on the
www.d.o/events page (then we can translate those infos), because there
we only have one sentence about our main conference.

But then I've looked at other debconf.org pages and found a lot of
broken links and old infos.

==> https://media.debconf.org/reports/
  I think it's a good idea to collect all reports here, but the list of
  reports end with Debconf14 and the webpage layout is broken unless you
  disable https.

==> https://www.debconf.org/resources.shtml

- There a link to blog.debconf.org which uses a certificat that
  expired Fri, 17 Jul 2020 00:20:49 GMT

- The link to https://db.debconf.org/ fails because it does not
  support TLSq.2: "Error code: SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION"

- Previous DebConf sites
  They are only listed up to Debconf15, then it says
  Debconf16 is the current one.

- DebConf photo galleries
  all links do not work, because gallery.debconf.org is gone.

- Pentabarf conference management system
  IIRC we are using a different system these days. If yes, please
  remove the links to pentabarf

- The link to summit.debconf.org has problems:
  The certificate for summit.debconf.org expired on 8/24/2021.

- Request tracking system
  it links to http, not https and I get a timeout. But maybe you run
  this system only close before a Debconf.

- git.debconf.org :: Git repositories
  This host has no DNS entry

- Subversion repositories on Alioth
  these links cannot work, since svn.alioth does not exist any more

==> DebConf Video Archive
  I would add a link to
  which is a much nicer user interface to our video recordings

regards Thomas

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