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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget

Le samedi, 10 septembre 2022, 10.24:42 h CEST Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) a 
écrit :
> As for swag, I'd rather like to see more money spent on swag. Not
> necessarily on more swag, but better quality swag. Some DebConf events
> put some effort into it and many of us still use our mugs all the way
> from DC12 and glasses from DC19 etc. Even my DC18 towel came in really
> handy the last week wen I tried to keep my ears warm. Cheap swag just
> ends up in a drawer or in the trash, it's not worth it imho.

Without knowing any of the calculus and reasons behind the situation, I was 
disappointed this year that there were _so many_ extra T-shirts left. I had 
asked for none and could come back with a right-sized conf T-shirt [0].

I concur with Jonathan: less, and better swag, not more. And we should also be 
conservative on numbers; it will be mostly fine not getting a T-shirt, or a 
swag bag, because one registered too late.


[0] And a video staff t-shirt too, because oh-well, I had done my shifts :-)

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