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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) dijo [Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 06:57:05PM +0200]:
> * swag - this is up by 50%, what happened here, did something end up more
> expensive than expected?

FWIW, we have been adding "traditions" and expectations to DebConf,
and I don't think we should be expected to keep them all always. As
for "traditions", I'm thinking about the final barbeque(sp?); I often
love it as a last opportunity to be together and enjoy (and, ahem, to
lose the only set of keys to a room locked with German engineerng
:-Þ), but I think a barbeque should only be held if we end up having a
bit extra income. Of course, it has to be organized for some time
before the conf actually happens... but then gain, you saw that some
people (in feedback@dc.o) didn't get the notice -- is it an official
activity or not? If it is official, it should be part of the
conference's scheduling...

And about the swag: We don't need to match or up last year's swag. We
have received _incredibly beautiful and useful_ swag (DC16 bags ♥),
butwe could perfectly do without. Will swag be so much cheaper in
India? It could even be _less things_. We could even set up swag==0. I
don't think last year's swag should match this year's... and most
probably, I think swag cannot be decided a year in advance. Probably
we will want to give a typical _thing_ of the hosting country; we have
to contact manufacturers/artisans and get their quotes based on
specific designs. What happens if we don't give bags at all? Well, no
big deal.

Or so says /me, at least :-]

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