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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget

On 2022/09/10 01:02, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
FWIW, we have been adding "traditions" and expectations to DebConf,
and I don't think we should be expected to keep them all always. As
for "traditions", I'm thinking about the final barbeque(sp?); I often
love it as a last opportunity to be together and enjoy (and, ahem, to
lose the only set of keys to a room locked with German engineerng
:-Þ), but I think a barbeque should only be held if we end up having a
bit extra income. Of course, it has to be organized for some time
before the conf actually happens... but then gain, you saw that some
people (infeedback@dc.o) didn't get the notice -- is it an official
activity or not? If it is official, it should be part of the
conference's scheduling...

I like the idea of the BBQ, it worked especially great at DC19, it was very relaxed, wide varfiety of food, a nice chance to just deflate a little before traveling and going back home.

As for 'official', urgh, that word keeps getting overloaded in Debian. In terms of being part of the formal program, no, I wouldn't consider it as such, or consider it a necessity for anyone to attend if they want to be considered a full conference attendee (like if they want an attendance certificate, or whatever). So, it should certainly be announced, on the schedule, but not compulsory. Another benefit is that have to leave on a Sunday (assuming that's when things end) don't have to miss an important part of the programme. So as you might have guessed, I'm very much in favour of such a tradition.

As for swag, I'd rather like to see more money spent on swag. Not necessarily on more swag, but better quality swag. Some DebConf events put some effort into it and many of us still use our mugs all the way from DC12 and glasses from DC19 etc. Even my DC18 towel came in really handy the last week wen I tried to keep my ears warm. Cheap swag just ends up in a drawer or in the trash, it's not worth it imho.


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