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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget


Em 10/09/2022 05:24, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) escreveu:

As for swag, I'd rather like to see more money spent on swag. Not necessarily on more swag, but better quality swag. Some DebConf events put some effort into it and many of us still use our mugs all the way from DC12 and glasses from DC19 etc. Even my DC18 towel came in really handy the last week wen I tried to keep my ears warm. Cheap swag just ends up in a drawer or in the trash, it's not worth it imho.

I agree with you, and it's good to remember each host country has your own reality. I can say about DC19:

We wanted to have good quality swag as in DC18, but we saw it would be expensive. So, we made very cheap swag just to show sponsors logos.

At Mini DebConf 2018 we made just plastic bags to add the logos and sponsors papers. It's much more cheaper and (for me) more useful to save document papers :-)

We searched to produce thermos bottles but, again, it would be very expensive here in Brazil, so, we made the plastic glasses.

I think spend with a nice table of food/snacks and drinks for the afternoon breaks can better than spend with swags.

And make a barbecue here in Brazil make sense because it's something traditional and relative cheap. Maybe for other countries make more sense go to a restaurant, a pizzaria or a bar in the last day as a social event.

I don't believe any company would give up to sponsor DebConf if the "logo on conference bags" is removed from sponsorship brochure. For platinum, for instance, the logos could be added on the badges because the are few logos.

Nowadays I think companies want to see their names/logos spread in social medias than in t-shirts or bags. Rethink how sponsors are mentions in social medias can be good.

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