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Re: Proposed final DebConf 22 budget

On 2022/09/10 10:36, stefanor@debian.org wrote:
Hi Jonathan (2022.09.10_08:24:42_+0000)
Cheap swag just ends up in a drawer or in the trash, it's not worth it
I think that tends to be things that the sponsors have provided, rather
than us. As I said in the other mail, I don't know if this is actually
fixable. I think it requires the sponsors to be more engaged in our
needs than is practical.

To a degree yes, but also from our side. Things like low quality water bottles and low quality t-shirts. I don't think any DebConf team member should ever have any pressure on them to reduce quality to reduce costs on things like them. If anything, they should be re-assured that we have enough funds left from previous DebConfs to do something nice, and if anything, we can go the extra mile and get some well designed t-shirts (as in, add some extra stitching, Debian logos on sleeves, that kind of thing) as apposed to just a plain conference t-shirt that most of us already have too many of.


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