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Re: Initial set of pages for debconf documentation was Re: committed sponsorships, payments and balancing books of debconf events

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On 17/04/2018, Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
> Hello Shirish

Hello Laura,

> (Sorry, not following the whole thread, just skimmed it I catched something
> I
> could answer)

That's cool although can always use an extra pair of eyes so that
inadvertently I don't send any messages which may be different than
what other people's experiences might be but I guess that's also the
beauty that Debian brings in to the world of free software.

If you do have the time, maybe you could review the whatever I have
documented from the
link shared above or also shared below in the same mail and the
sub-pages therein.

I do tend to be a spelling and grammar-nazi for myself but there's
always possibility
that I may have either got something wrong or could be improved upon delivery.

Also am not a native speaker so there's possibility of
enhancing/polishing the content

For instance, I feel that the Initial bid page while bring properly
scoped could be split into various sections but am not sure what would
be the best way to achieve that.


The others are smallish so it doesn't matter as I broken them into
small paragraphs which makes it more readable, I hope.

> We have a wiki page about Release Parties:
> https://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseParty
> I have updated the wiki page about Debian Events
> (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents) to include a link to the Release
> Parties
> wiki page.
> Usually MiniDebConf info is stored in wiki pages under
> wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents, grouped by region and year. I'm not aware of
> a
> "general page about MiniDebConfs", but I guess that is not useful because
> it
> varies a lot depending on the place where a MiniDebConf is happening and
> what
> the team organising it wants to do.
> Apart from https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/, there is some more info
> about
> how to handle Debian events in https://www.debian.org/events/.

Thank you I shared the links in the homepage, in my case I mean -


> And of course you can always dig/search in the mail archives of events
> lists:
> https://lists.debian.org/nameoflist
> nameoflist being one of these:
> debian-events-apac
> debian-events-eu
> debian-events-ha
> debian-events-na
> debian-events-nl

true and have done that in past.

While searching for content, also came across something called 'Debian
commercial events'  which for reasons not known is not shared.  I do
know that at Debian we try to value the community side of things more
than the 'commercial relationships' and events
that Debian has had over the years.

I do not know if any 'Debian commercial events' ever took place or
it's just an idea. If there have been, it might be a good idea to
document or at least link to an event or more that happened.

Let me know what you or anybody else from the community see and let me
know of what they think.

> Cheers
> --
> Laura Arjona Reina
> https://wiki.debian.org/LauraArjona

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