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Re: Initial set of pages for debconf documentation was Re: committed sponsorships, payments and balancing books of debconf events

Hello Shirish

(Sorry, not following the whole thread, just skimmed it I catched something I
could answer)

El 17/04/18 a las 14:48, shirish शिरीष escribió:
> The one thing which I couldn't find a page for Minidebconf either in
> debconf pages or in wiki.debian.org/ sub-pages.
> I could put up a Minidebconf page with some initial blurb and then
> people more knowledgeable than me could fill/correct in the rest.
> I could also put up info. about Debian release parties and maybe even
> Debian pre-release parties although AFAIK there hasn't been any
> movement on latter or how that should work in order to have a better
> Debian release.
> The pre-release party might be a debian-devel topic or should be
> discussed somewhere else or even might have been discussed, I have no
> idea.
> Looking forward to know.

We have a wiki page about Release Parties:


I have updated the wiki page about Debian Events
(https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents) to include a link to the Release Parties
wiki page.

Usually MiniDebConf info is stored in wiki pages under
wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents, grouped by region and year. I'm not aware of a
"general page about MiniDebConfs", but I guess that is not useful because it
varies a lot depending on the place where a MiniDebConf is happening and what
the team organising it wants to do.

Apart from https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/, there is some more info about
how to handle Debian events in https://www.debian.org/events/.

And of course you can always dig/search in the mail archives of events lists:

nameoflist being one of these:

Laura Arjona Reina

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