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Re: [Debconf-team] Patch to DebConf orgateam structure

Hi Michael,

On Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 04:14:24PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> What I am missing (or maybe overlooked) are the rationales for those.
> I.e. was this discussed somewhere other than at the orga sprint (which I
> unfortunately missed due to a dayjob conflict) and between the chairs
> and the DC16 people?
> So I think splitting infra and video and adding a treasurer team
> probably makes sense, maybe less so for social activities.
> I am worried that the coordination team was apparently changed without
> consent from the team (or at least its lead) itself.
Is this the team you are refering to?

This discussion apparently does not concern most of those people, maybe because
they didn't really engage in the coordination of the conference. It didn't work
as we expected, and I'm pretty confident that Marga agrees with us in this aspect.

> Alse the content team scheduled an on-site meeting on short-notice at
> which all the chairs participated, but is not clear to me that this is
> because two of the three chairs are members of the content team and the
> thirs one was basically also a member due to summit<->schedule
> interactions during DebConf, or whether this was a potential review
> discussions of the chairs with the team. Then on the other hand, there
> don't seem to be any changes to the content team, so maybe no discussion
> was considered needed by the chairs.
We do think changes need to happen inside teams, including the Content team, but
this is not what we are targeting with this discussion.

> Finally, I am also worried about the bid process.  I think we dropped
> the ball way too much for DC16 (but things seem to have turned out fine)
> before the bid deadline. If the chairs want to take over, I'd at least
> expect some clear plan on how things should work out during the entire
> bid process.
According to many of the involved parties, last year's process was not
ideal, but I don't think we need to go in details on this right now.

Considering that in our current proposal the coordination team would be dealing
only with the next conference edition, we thought that the Chairs could lead
this process again. Meaning that we would gather the committee and the "clear
plan" would be defined within the committee.


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