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[Debconf-team] Patch to DebConf orgateam structure

Hello team,

I was hesitating to send this message because people might be on vacations, but
I think we have a lot of active heads around here, so we can start the
discussion now, and let people comment as they come back.

After the orga sprint and other conversations during DC15 we (the Chairs) have
adapted the orgateam structure to address people's requests and our own
perception of needs. We have shaped those changes together with the dc16 people
to make sure we agree on a platform to work together in the following year. We
hope those changes reflect our conversations.

Note that I've made edits directly to the wiki, but it doesn't mean that that
is the final structure. Please consider this message as a request for comments.


Please read the whole wiki for more details and context, but here is a summary
of changes from dc15 to dc16 structure:

1) Split of infra and video teams
2) Creation of Social activities and Treasurer teams
3) Implementation of a Facilities team
4) Different composition for coordination team: key local organizers, the
   DebConf Chairs, and possibly members of past years coordination
5) Bid process was removed from coord team responsibilities and attibuted to
   the Chairs

About localteam: we were open to nominate the localteam in the teams structure,
since it was a strong request from dc15 people, though dc16 team prefers to
work without the local/global split. There are some tasks and responsibilities
that will clearly be performed by the local organizers, but they prefer to do
it within the previously defined teams. Of course this can be re-discussed for
future years.

Another request was to replace Facilities team by a "Bid Assistance Team",
which would follow bid teams since their early stages and would work together
with them in venue arrangements until the conference happens. We would rather
keep the facilities team as it is defined now and expect that bid teams
interact with not only facilities people, but with all the other teams when
they have doubts about a certain aspect of the conference.

We believe that mentoring is helpful and should be encouraged, specially when
the bid team has no much of DebConf experience. It is good to remember though
that bid teams do not need to have all their communication proxied by a mentor,
and the earlier they establish direct communication with core teams members,
the better. Having said that, we would like to make a call for people willing
to mentor bids and let the teams decide (1) if they need mentoring or not and
(2) who they want their mentor(s) to be.

One thing that should be clear is that the agreement on the team structure for
dc16 does not mean that it will be kept forever. Ideally, we'll have a checkin
on this structure every year, adapting what didin't go well in the last edition
and some requests of the next localteam if they would like to work differently.
On the other hand, this template structure has a reason to exist and we don't
expect to entirely bootstrap it every year.

The teams composition is the next step to go, but let's first agree on which
teams we have. In this proposal we have 3 new teams for which we'll probably do
a similar canvassing process as last year. For the existing teams, we'll check
with each of them if they will be able to appoint a lead/shadow or if they need
our help for that.

Last but not least, the openess of teams and proper communication channels. We
will try to learn from success and failure stories of DC15 to address this
issue within each team. As soon as we have the base structure set we can move
on with that. One thing we want to to make sure is that DC16 locals and DC17
bidders (and all interested people) are warmly invited to be part of any team.
We also recommend DC15 (and previous years') people to remain in the teams,
mentoring the new members.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

on behalf of the Chairs.

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