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[Debconf-team] [Protest] Changes should come from within the team and not from above

The DebConf Chairs are supposed to be leading the team. Leading may
mean sometimes taking hard decisions, but most of the time it should
mean guiding, working with the team towards achieving consensus and
making sure that ideas are heard.

Imposing changes from above without consultation is not leading.

The mail says that it's a request for comments, but the changes were
already made in the wiki, which is a dissonance with requesting

There had been talk of having a sprint to work on this together as a
team.  I was a bit unsure about the sprint because it's hard to get
everyone together in the same place again, but I was hoping we would
be able to do a series of IRC meetings that would achieve a similar
result as the sprint.  This was something that I was about to propose
as the old coordination team lead. Now I guess I don't have that job
anymore (the page says I'm the lead, but the composition sent in the
email doesn't include me, which is a bit confusing, I sincerely don't
know where I stand now).

I'm glad that at least the DC16 team was consulted on this, but I
think the experience of those that participated in the past and that
intended to keep working for DC16 an onwards should also have been
taken into account and I'm extremely disappointed that that's not what

I don't think this is how we should operate. What do the rest of the
people that were planning on keeping participating on debconf-team


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