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Re: [Debconf-team] Slot length and regularity (was: Report from the talks team)

I will reply to Maxy's mail as well, but...

> Make it 20' slots so that there's 5 minutes anyway, and 15 minutes
> at the end, maybe?
> The benefit is that we don't intermix 60 minute slots and 30 minute
> slots but keep the basic grid the same all the time.

I think these two points are important: First, it's not the same for
audience+video to have a 45+15 slot than to have two 22.5+7.5
slots. It negates many of the benefits we have observed with 15 min
space between talks. Second, we'd try to schedule two
thematically-close sessions in adjacent slots, so we would not lose
the basic grid alignment.

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