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[Debconf-team] Slot length and regularity (was: Report from the talks team)

also sprach Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> [2014-09-21 18:53 +0200]:
> I know you have argued for smaller and larger time slots. I do
> feel, however, having regularity in the scheduling tends to help
> us. When all talk slots start at the same time, and we have 45-min
> talks aligned to 1hr-slots (allowing for some post-session chat,
> video rearranging, attendees jumping between rooms), the
> conference schedule is regular and easy to understand+follow.

Even with shorter and longer slots, the generic grid must be kept,
I agree.

My suggestion for 25 minute slots would involve coordination by both
speakers beforehand so that these can take place in the same 1hr
slot as a regular 45 minute session.

And a 2–3 workshop would just run across 2 or 3 of those slots.

The main changes in the rooms would still occur at the same time
every day.

> I think we have settled on this model as "quite good" after trying
> somewhat different incantations over the years.

Do you have any references? I don't remember such experimentation.
Was there discussions about the pros and cons?

The benefit of having two 25 min. slots in one 1hr block over
accepting a 45 minute slot end after 30 minutes because the speaker
ran out of things to say is that we can accomodate twice as many
proposals and hence provide more free time — time in which those
interested in pursuing the ideas presented in those 25 min. slots
ad-hoc, while others can hack…

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