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Re: [Debconf-team] Meeting summary for last DC7 meeting before DebCamp

On 11040 March 1977, Margarita Manterola wrote:

> Regarding the A4 Thank you page in Linux Magazine, we have 4 days left
> to finalize the page and send it to LM.  We now have the logos.
> Ganneff is taking care of mailing LM to get the appropiate contact and
> extra info.

I have the needed stuff. (They want hi-res PDF file).
Who is doing it, who wants to know the addres where it needs to get sent

Also they are sending us 350 magazines we can put into the conference
bags, scheduled to be there before 14th. Delivery goes to Teviot.

bye Joerg
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     yellow with black, white and a shade of grey?
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<aj> vorlon: the arch qualification table, halloween edition?
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     greeted my eyes? AN m68k RISED FROM THE GRAVE!!!"

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