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[Debconf-team] MIA due to illness


This is difficult to write, but:

I am scheduled to arrive in edinburgh on saturday 9th at
about 13:00.

I've got a cold / chest infection / to-be-determined which
is sufficiently bad that I doubt I will be in a suitable
state of fitness to make the saturday train.

I'm at work right now but I'm going to go to the doctors

Until I know what I've got / how long it will take to go
away / how long it will take to not go away but not be
sufficiently bad as to prevent me from being useful, I think
we must assume the worst and count me out until further

I think we need someone else to act as a liason with the
hostels, in-person, in my absence.

I've stuck my mobile number in phone-numbers.txt in SVN but
also my home number so I can be reached there should that be

My gut feeling is I will be able to get to edi at some point

With apologies (and a healthy dose of frustration)

Jon Dowland

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