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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

* Ted Walther <krooger@debian.org> [2006-04-10 11:33]:

> >I am sorry, this cannot be done. I have talked to them, and they are
> >able to provide you with vegetarian (including milk/cheese/egg) or
> >vegan food. Yes, this is a government-owned hotel in a small town in a
> >third world country
> Vegetarian food often includes soy products, seaweed and mushrooms,
> which are not kosher.  Separating those things from a typical vegan dish
> is quite difficult and time-consuming.  The vegan menu isn't really a
> good option.  Oh, and I always considered Mexico a second world country.
How about you bring your own food or get in contact with that Mexico
City Jewish community and arrange food supply yourself? This would
garantee that you get supplied with the food you desire. 

It wouldn't help much if kitchen staff pretended to fulfill your
requirements. Who knows if they are familar with your requirements and
are capable of optaining guaranteed correctly slaughtered meat for you.

Getting an answer stating yes that doesn't match your or your friends
requirements won't help much. They might now now that some ingredients
contain nuts especially when it comes to spices.

yours Martin
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