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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: bof proposal periode until last minute

> It seems we settled on May 13 for Debian Day. As it was the case last
> year in .fi, Debian Day is a separate conference that just happens to
> like tagging along with Debconf ;-) Most of Debconf's attendance, if
> they don't have a direct involvement on DebianDay, will not be very
> interested in participating (although are, of course, welcome to do
> so). 

Well, given that Debian Day is meant to be the best opportunity to
have contact with local people (other than those involved in the
organization) and as you know my own personal involvment to the
development of Debian in various place, including Latin America, I
think I would be very hapy to attend Debian Day.

So, it seems that I may need to change my schedule....which definitely
will not be easy..:-)

> About the 22: We haven't spoken about it yet (AFAIK), but I think it's
> a general pack-up-and-leave day. I don't think we will schedule much
> for that day (besides cleaning and handing the place back). But don't
> take my word as authority in this last point, we still have not made
> the schedules.

Then, I really suggest to avoid scheduling conferences this day. This
was one of the minor hiccups of DC5 to have conferences scheduled the
very last day (which was a Sunday and then obviously a general
pack-up-and-leave day). For instance, I remember hmh BOF about "New
generation init scripts" which had a very low attendance at the
beginning...or myself being forced to miss Helen's talk about Debian
in Science.

Again, as a few of us pointed, getting this semi-official schedule
officially getting the blessing of the organizers by being on the
website is definitely a good thing to do for us early birds..:)

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