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Re: [Debconf-team] Still can't log in

ti, 2005-12-06 kello 08:14 +0100, Joerg Jaspert kirjoitti:
> On 10495 March 1977, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > I had tried that, but I had forgotten that Debconf wants me to use my
> > debian.org address, for no good reason whatsoever, which I never use for
> > anything else, and don't particularly want to have. 
> It will get better: At least for debconf-time you will have an
> @debconf.org alias. :)
> Well, it was used to have an easy way to see "is DD, is not DD", but
> with the keyids we ask for its even easier.

There was a time when I was a DD but didn't have an @debian.org address,
because I didn't want it, nor the responsibility for accounts on
debian.org machines. So, yes, I'm all in favor of checking keyids
instead. :)

> > (I also don't see why Comas wants me to enter a username as well as an
> > e-mail address in the password recovery screen. In fact, I would much
> > prefer to not have to have any bloody account anywhere for Debconf6, I
> > have too damn many passwords to deal with anyway.)
> Well, it needs *something* to work with. If all proposals and accounts
> are for "Anon Ymous" then that one person would have much to talk, and
> would get a lot of sponsorship. :)

Something like this would be preferable for me: I enter my info into a
web form, including my e-mail address. Comas puts it aside and sends the
e-mail address a confirmation request. When I reply, Comas knows the
e-mail address works and all is well. If I need to edit things later,
the same procedure will work again.

I'm not suggesting this be done for Debconf7, but it might be something
to think about for the future.

Without grand dreams, how can you save the world?

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