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Re: [Debconf-team] Still can't log in

On 10495 March 1977, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> The conference management system a) still claims that my username or
> password are wrong (they're not); and b) refuses to give me a new
> password. The reason I claim that my username and password are correct
> is that a1) I enter them into Revelation and the copy/paste them into
> the browser and a2) my browser remembered the same ones from my first
> talk proposal submission and now they no longer worked.

Looking into the pg table it seems that 20 users dont have a passwd set
(anymore). Whatever deleted them should be fixed. Gunnar? :)

To anyone else with this problem:
I just used liw as a test-victim and it worked. So try to login, it will
send you to hell. But there you have a "Did you forget your password?"
login. Click on it, enter the login name and the email you used and send
it. Wait a bit and you have mail with a new password.

bye Joerg
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with every post...

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