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Re: [Debconf-team] Still can't log in

Lars Wirzenius dijo [Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 02:06:06AM +0200]:
> I had tried that, but I had forgotten that Debconf wants me to use my
> debian.org address, for no good reason whatsoever, which I never use for
> anything else, and don't particularly want to have. 

Yes, I think we could drop that request - I inherited this from
DebConf3 and DebConf4 (and that probably came from further
behind)... But we have the GPG keyid field and, further more, we have
the field where you declare you are a DD or what. We could drop the
request. What do you all think?

> (I also don't see why Comas wants me to enter a username as well as an
> e-mail address in the password recovery screen. In fact, I would much
> prefer to not have to have any bloody account anywhere for Debconf6, I
> have too damn many passwords to deal with anyway.)

Well... This is because Comas is a bit obese sometimes - but we need
it to be. It has all kinds of information regarding each of us,
allowing us to plan - We could do the way, for example, OpenConf does,
just registering talks - but we want to assign rooms to people (to
sleep), to talks (to be presented), and have all kinds of statistical
information. And for other conferences we have organized, we want it
to help charging the users, managing maximum number of people per
talk... Anyway - It does too much. But it needs to do too much :)

I decided to ask for the login and the mail address in the password
recovery because somebody might just start poking there at random,
changing passwords for people - that is also not good. I don't have a
good way to fix this - maybe with some kind of session string, some
confirmation similar to what Mailman handles... 

> After Jörg fixed the password problem for me (thanks!), I still couldn't
> submit a proposal because Comas *again* decided a day early that the
> time to submit proposals was over. I remember this happening last year
> as well. Luckily, Jörg also fixed this, so my talk is now submitted.

Joerg answered to this already - yes, a goof on my side... But
something I could not really fix right now. At least it's over ;-) I
think I'll change the deadline setting within the DB from datetime to
just date. Makes more sense.

> Despite all my complaining, I don't think you (plural you) are doing a
> bad job. On the contrary, I only grumble because everything is so good
> that it would be easy to be perfect.

/me feels better - It is stressing to be the man behind Comas - It is
a good piece of code with lots of intermixed junk... Fortunately last
year Don learnt a lot about it and this year Joerg has also poked it a
lot :)


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