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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration FAQ

Patty Langasek <harmoney@dodds.net> wrote: [...]
> You're asking for something preliminary so you can plan a trip that spans
> several thousand miles into a foreign country to visit, but you don't expect
> it to be reliable?

I suggested it as a FAQ.  It's more likely to be useful for regional
visitors than me this year, but it would have been a massive help last
year, when debconf was in a neighbouring nation to my home.

> If I was looking for a timetable that would affect a trip
> such as that, I would 1) expect it to be reliable and 2) not look for
> anything preliminary. It seems you're planning this trip through the looking
> glass.

Well, that's one view of a schedule, but honestly I had thought some
days at debconf could be part of a longer trip this year, but I
decided against that a few weeks ago.  That trip is more likely to be
further north and involve other things.  However, I'm still interested
in attending some future debian conference, so it seemed worth asking
after an improvement.

> [...] From what I've seen of Debconf, the developers choose what talks
> they wish to attend, and find other activities to amuse them when they're
> not attending. [...]

That seems circular to me: if that works well for debconf at present,
surely that's the sort of of attendee/behaviour it will attract?

> > Yes, I'd really much prefer that.  If I travel from Europe, I am
> > unlikely to be alone (yay health) and others who would probably be
> > with me don't care about debconf AFAIK.  Also, as a non-geek, I find
> > debconf attendees in general a stressful and tiring group to interact
> > with, so I burn out after a few days of that effort. Finally, while
> Well. Aside from insulting, that's rather presumptious that others wouldn't
> find a way to enjoy themselves. [...]

I don't see how that can be insulting unless one reads something
different to what was intended.  Yes, the others probably would find
other things in other places to enjoy themselves, but I'd prefer not
to miss 6 or 7 days of such fun.  I'm comfortable with missing a few
days to get some debian stuff done and meet some friends, but that's
not really on offer with debconf's current configuration.

Maybe this isn't important to enough people, or is incompatible with
the current debconf model.  If so, these discussions should illustrate
that and I'll accept it, but I want to check.  (Bah, curiosity.)

> > It's a shame if there's no willingness to make debconf more easily
> > accessible to a wider range of developers.  It seems likely to lead to
> > forking as we grow, with all the drawbacks that involves.
> Which naturally translates to, "It's a shame that there's no willingness to
> ensure debconf will be a robotic and antisocial conference so you feel less
> inclined to have to be polite to people in person that you're normally an
> ass to online."

I feel that's an unnatual and offensive translation which says far
more unpleasant things about you than it does of me.

FWIW, I met many friends at debconf and some other new people that I
liked - I hope they thought well of me - but I also interacted with
some people I simply don't understand and a few I disliked - but I
hope they at least thought no ill of me as a result of those

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