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Re: URGENT [PROPOSAL] V3: lsb lib and lsb loader location (also IA64)

Jim Knoble writes:
> I don't.  Perhaps there aren't systems yet that can act like more than
> one 64-bit (or 32-bit) architecture, but that doesn't mean we should be
> so short-sighted as to expect there never to be.  And is 'ia64'
> different from whatever AMD's 64-bit architecture is called?  If they
> are different, i think it possible, if not likely, that distributions
> would want to include libraries for both architectures on the same
> system (and hence call them different things).

If they do need to have ia64 libraries and AMD 64 bit libraries
installed concurrently[1] on the same system then we do need
architecture specific names, but I query if this really is the case.

If the distributions are going to need to distinguish between
/lib/lsb-ia64 and say /lib/lsb-amd64 then are they also going to need
/bin-ia64 and /bin/amd-64?

> Use the architecture name, not just the number of bits.  It avoids
> potential problems down the road.

I'm just wondering if we're building too much into it - more than we
need to.


[1] I'm not sure why this would be necessary.
IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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