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Re: URGENT [PROPOSAL] V3: lsb lib and lsb loader location (also IA64)

Johannes Poehlmann writes:

>    lsb libraries native for this architecture             
>    runtime  libraries 	->      /lib/lsb 
>    Stub  libraries    	->      /usr/lib/lsb-stub        
>    IA32 emulation libraries on non IA32 systems (IA64)    
>    runtime  libraries	->      /lib/lsb-ia32compat
>    Stub	 libraries    	->      /usr/lib/lsb-stub-ia32compat                         

Is there any need to embed the `ia' bit in the name? Why not just
/lib/lsb32 (or /lib/lsb32compat though I don't think we even need the
compat suffix). The same directories can then be used for sparc64 and
ppc64 systems (no need to install both ia32 and ppc32 libraries on the
same machine).

> 3. If there is an lsb loader for IA64 binaries, we recommend to             
>    name it  
>            /lib/lsb/ld-lsb-ia64.so.1, 
>    as we believe it to be a a reasonable guess of future standardization.                    

Same comment as above for the name, why not just:


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Canberra, Australia

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