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Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Jean-Eric Cuendet <Cuendet@linkvest.ch> writes:
> > I'm asking me a question. There is now 2 big desktops for Linux: KDE
> > and Gnome.
> This issue has come up at several meetings with Linux distributors and
> developers.  The general view (which I share) is that the LSB should
> not address the desktop quite yet.  First of all, the community
> (developers, users, and companies) is well-split between KDE and
> Gnome.  This is an issue we need to let the community decide.  Maybe
> not 100% of everyone needs to agree before we move, but a lot more
> than we have right now.
> Second of all, we need to finish a non-controversial LSB 1.0 first.
> (So, there are two issues, *finishing* a small base and making sure
> it's not too controversial.)  I might be more enthused about delving
> into this if we were closer to finishing LSB 1.0.  Perhaps some of the
> people talking about KDE vs. Gnome are capable of helping the working
> groups.  If you have the expertise, please talk to the appropriate LSB
> group leader.  If you are personally trying to help, and I just don't
> know about it, I apologize.

I totally agree... If I may suggest, I would say that maybe a "XSB"
should be formed, separate from "LSB" and the "XSB" can be a "layer"
added onto the top of the "LSB" at a later date.  For the sake of
productivity, I would think that the developers of the major X window
managers be approached in much the same way as the different
"distributions" were with the LSB, and get them to the table and talk
together about forming a "XSB."

I don't think that now is the time for the LSB to take on making X
window managers more compatible.  But, I do think that getting X window
managers more compatible (API/config files) is something that should
start ASAP.  Therefore, why not approach GNOME, KDE, WindowMaker,
AfterStep, Enlightenment, etc... and try to organize a "XSB" site,
mailing lists, and get a dialog going between the people who will
actually have to do the coding to make their code compliant?

Of course, the POINT of this is to free the LSB of the burden of working
on these issues so that it can be more productive, therefore, it would
take some volunteers to devote some time to setting up a XSB, and
preferable no one that is a necessary member of the LSB organization

So, what do you think?

Rob C.

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