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Re: Desktop normalization

Jean-Eric Cuendet <Cuendet@linkvest.ch> writes:

> I'm asking me a question. There is now 2 big desktops for Linux: KDE
> and Gnome.

This issue has come up at several meetings with Linux distributors and
developers.  The general view (which I share) is that the LSB should
not address the desktop quite yet.  First of all, the community
(developers, users, and companies) is well-split between KDE and
Gnome.  This is an issue we need to let the community decide.  Maybe
not 100% of everyone needs to agree before we move, but a lot more
than we have right now.

Second of all, we need to finish a non-controversial LSB 1.0 first.
(So, there are two issues, *finishing* a small base and making sure
it's not too controversial.)  I might be more enthused about delving
into this if we were closer to finishing LSB 1.0.  Perhaps some of the
people talking about KDE vs. Gnome are capable of helping the working
groups.  If you have the expertise, please talk to the appropriate LSB
group leader.  If you are personally trying to help, and I just don't
know about it, I apologize.

> Couldn't we add an API to access either Gnome or KDE desktop for the
> applications to interact with them.  So, a Word processor could
> access Gnome if it's running Gnome or KDE if it's running KDE or
> other or nothing if no one is installed. The program itself should
> not know on which desktop it is running.

This is a possibility, but I don't think it would be "us" (the LSB)
doing the real work.  I think it could easily come from Gnome and KDE.
The Gnome and KDE developers have already worked together on some

In addition, I think we would consider accepting an add-on
specification for either KDE or Gnome.  Stuart Anderson might have
some comments about this.


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