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Re: Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

>I totally agree... If I may suggest, I would say that maybe a "XSB"
>should be formed, separate from "LSB" and the "XSB" can be a "layer"
>added onto the top of the "LSB" at a later date.

By the help of this thread it is becoming more clearer that there is a need
for XSB (or whatever you call. Perhaps a name more "GUI"ish may be more

Note that we are starting to discuss how such a layer can be integrated to LSB
and when. As I mentioned earlier, XSB is urgently needed to stop desktop chaos
and unnecessray effort. And it should be compatible with LSB from the very
beginning. So don't wait till "a later date." :)

LSB and XSB should be separete projects but they must be aware of each other.
This way we can eliminate the possible LSB-XSB conflicts before they arise.
Even they both can make use of the conventions developed by the other one.

Let those grow as twins.


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