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Re: Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, BadlandZ wrote:

> I totally agree... If I may suggest, I would say that maybe a "XSB"
> should be formed, separate from "LSB" and the "XSB" can be a "layer"
> added onto the top of the "LSB" at a later date.  For the sake of

Generally agreed, but there is one thing more: it is not *only* about
desktop, this is also wider issue of coherent configuration. As this deals
with layers that traditionally are located higher in OS than just above
kernel like LSB, I would rather call it something like "High Level Linux
Interoperability" ("ineroperability", because as we have seen "standard" 
is a bit like dirty word among people who primarily want customizability),
with subgroups concentrating on various issues, included, but not limited
to desktop interoperability issues.

 Marcin Krol

Hiroshima 45                   Tschernobyl 86                      Windows 95

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