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Re: long lengths of text with no selectors

It was thus said that the Great David Griffith once stated:
> My reply is at the bottom.  Please put your reply there too.

  But, isn't this part of the reply?

> I'm talking about the UM Gopher client.  With that, I go down several
> steps until the list of bullet points appears.  The last one is "The
> Golden Voyage" and the arrow is pointing to "[44] IFDB entry <HTML>".
> Pressing down once more, I see "Death Dreadnought" and "Pyramid".
> Everything between "The Golden Voyage" and "Death Dreadnought" is skipped.
  Okay, having downloaded the UM gopher client (v2.3.1) and got it working,
I see what is happening.  You are running it in a (most likely) 80x24
terminal.  I ran the program in an 80x70 terminal and I can see the entire
bulletted list.  It seems to be an issue with how it displays gopher index
files.  It appears that the UM gopher client always wants to display at
least one link on the screen, and if it skips "i" selectors to do so, it
will do so.

  I know I encountered this issue with my own gopher client and had to work 
around no visble selector links on the screen.  I don't think this was an
issue at all back in 1996.   


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