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Re: long lengths of text with no selectors

On March 17, 2020 6:57:39 AM UTC, David Griffith <dave@661.org> wrote:
>My reply is at the bottom.  Please put your reply there too.
>On Tue, 17 Mar 2020, Sean Conner wrote:
>> It was thus said that the Great David Griffith once stated:
>>> I've run into a problem with making my IF Archive gopher mirror
>>> I have a script that converts index files into gophermap files. 
>Usually a
>>> block of text describing a file is no taller than 15 lines or so. 
>In a
>>> few places are much taller stretches of text, usually in a form that
>>> translates to a bulleted list.  My problem is that the standard
>>> client skips over these long stretches of text with no selector to
>>> next selector, missing the content in the middle.  How can I avoid
>>> To see this in action, go to gopher.661.org and burrow over to
>>> gopher://gopher.661.org/1/if-archive/emulators/trs80
>>  What do you mean by "standard Gopher client"?  Because I tried three
>> different gopher clients:
>> 	* Lynx
>> 	* iGopher (on the iPad)
>> 	* custom written gopher client
>> and each of them had no problems with the page listed.  I see a bunch
>> IFDB entry links, followed by some text and a bullet list, followed
>by some
>> more text.
>I'm talking about the UM Gopher client.  With that, I go down several 
>steps until the list of bullet points appears.  The last one is "The 
>Golden Voyage" and the arrow is pointing to "[44] IFDB entry <HTML>". 
>Pressing down once more, I see "Death Dreadnought" and "Pyramid". 
>Everything between "The Golden Voyage" and "Death Dreadnought" is

UM Gopher is fairly picky. I am in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota at the moment and can't check your link, but each line should start with i and be followed by tab, path (err), tab, server (err.host), tab, and port (0). The reference client doesn't skip proper lines of type i. 
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