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Re: long lengths of text with no selectors

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On Tue, 17 Mar 2020, Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great David Griffith once stated:

I've run into a problem with making my IF Archive gopher mirror nicer.
I have a script that converts index files into gophermap files.  Usually a
block of text describing a file is no taller than 15 lines or so.  In a
few places are much taller stretches of text, usually in a form that
translates to a bulleted list.  My problem is that the standard Gopher
client skips over these long stretches of text with no selector to the
next selector, missing the content in the middle.  How can I avoid this?

To see this in action, go to gopher.661.org and burrow over to

 What do you mean by "standard Gopher client"?  Because I tried three
different gopher clients:

	* Lynx
	* iGopher (on the iPad)
	* custom written gopher client

and each of them had no problems with the page listed.  I see a bunch of
IFDB entry links, followed by some text and a bullet list, followed by some
more text.

I'm talking about the UM Gopher client. With that, I go down several steps until the list of bullet points appears. The last one is "The Golden Voyage" and the arrow is pointing to "[44] IFDB entry <HTML>". Pressing down once more, I see "Death Dreadnought" and "Pyramid". Everything between "The Golden Voyage" and "Death Dreadnought" is skipped.

David Griffith

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