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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

On 3/7/11 7:52 AM 3/7/11, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
One more idea is to integrate an old protocol (Gopher) with an even
older one (SMTP). Have your wiki engine send out the page for editing
via email.

Something like this:

* I want to edit page "Foobar"
* CGI asks for an email address via Gopher query
* CGI sends out the old page to me via SMTP
* I can then edit the page in my email client
* I send the new page as a reply
* CGI catches that reply, de-emailifies the page and saves it

That will work even when then user is on a VT100 terminal - as in it
doesn't expect anything special on the client-side.

There's something to be said for that method and since most people using Gopher are a bit "retro" ;-) some extra steps for wiki editing would be expected.

But all this is congealing in my greymatter behind the scenes here and it feels like I'm missing an easier solution. More noodling is required...

... or, you can just expect the reader to have *cough* an AJAX
JavaScript-compatible Gopher reader *cough* *cough* which makes it
possible to have an WYSIWYG editor on top of Gopher queries.
Evil man :)

ISTR when this was talked about before that the idea was to use Telnet and
feed the user into some sort of editor. Of course, such an account would
need to be VERY tightly secured.

Or run on a VMS back-end.  That's secure right?  ;-P


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