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Re: [gopher] ... and Overbite Palm takes its first steps

> Yay! webOS is still getting some love these days! I can't wait for the new
> webOS phone and tablet offerings from HP. :)

I got a heavily discounted Pre 2 recently, thanks to their Developer Program.
It's actually a really good way to get a (relatively) inexpensive unlocked
GSM phone, but it only gets 3G on AT&T frequencies, so USA subscribers on
T-Mobile will only get EDGE. Still, an unlocked phone for $250 is stellar, and
it comes with webOS 2 (the list price is $450).

Visit the Palm Developer Connection for more information. Once you've signed
up for the PDC, apply for the $200 coupon. You don't need to have purchased
the phone already to apply, and open source accounts are free.

So, since I have Android and webOS phones, how could I use a webOS phone
if it didn't have a gopher client? :)

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