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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

On 3/7/11 3:01 AM 3/7/11, Bradley D. Thornton wrote:
Hash: RIPEMD160

On 03/06/2011 10:52 AM, Mike Hebel wrote:
If somebody can point me in a direction of getting that working I think
there's a possibility of getting pywiki working:

Um... yeah., I think you kinda lit the switchboard up there - simply by
virtue of having asked your question ;)

*chuckle* It really wasn't my intention to stir a beehive. It really wasn't. :-)

That said I often start the most bizarre threads of conversation with people by just the simplest of questions so I should be used to this by now.


If some people could hear the music of the universe would that make all others deaf?

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