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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> writes:

>> One more idea is to integrate an old protocol (Gopher) with an even 
>> older one (SMTP). Have your wiki engine send out the page for editing 
>> via email.
>> That will work even when then user is on a VT100 terminal - as in it 
>> doesn't expect anything special on the client-side.

That sounds interesting. Even if the web solves this with forms, I
suppose some people would still like this for web-based wikis.

>> ... or, you can just expect the reader to have *cough* an AJAX 
>> JavaScript-compatible Gopher reader *cough* *cough* which makes it 
>> possible to have an WYSIWYG editor on top of Gopher queries.
> Evil man :)

Evil, I must agree :-)

The main feature here - I think, IMHO - is being able to deliver the
user a text field already filled with the current content of the
article/section/paragraph, so that there's no need to copy-paste. I
wonder if ASK supports this? (What's exactly supported by ASK? Also,
what's the right manual to read on ASK? The gopher+ specification?)

> ISTR when this was talked about before that the idea was to use Telnet and
> feed the user into some sort of editor. Of course, such an account would
> need to be VERY tightly secured.

A good way to do so would be developing a new editor for this specific
purpose. Kind of what it's done with javascript to add wysiwyg in wiki
or forum post editing.

Nuno J. Silva

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