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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Since we are keeping track of how a package is selected for
>  installation (user action, or auto selected 'cause of dependencies);
>  could we have notices (or red exclamation marks or whatever) show up
>  if a package is being auto selected/removed in direct contravention
>  of user action?

There should never be a situation where a package is being removed in
direct contravention of user actions.  If the user has manually
installed a package, it will never be auto-removed.

However, a package could be moved from 'keep' to 'inst' automatically.

The fact that this is happening should show up on the status window of
the affected package at the very least.

I think this info should also be very clear in the installation window. 
Really in-your-face so the user can see it before he confirms all
changes.  Probably a seperate section even.  (There will be seperate
sections listing package upgrades, downgrades, replaces, ...  Another
section can be added for auto upgrades or perhaps forced upgrades).

As for showing this info on the select screen, I'm not sure how we could
do it without making it overly busy.  Perhaps the package name could be
another color.  I believe that there is already an indication that the
user should check the status window for a particular package to see
what's up (but I better check that before saying for sure).  Lets see
how things shape up and add this if it works visually.

>         For example, I have sudo put on hold (since the new versions
>  of sudo fail to parse the config file); I would hate to have the
>  version upgraded after I had put it on hold. I know I'll have another
>  option to check this, but aybe if the auto-select-deselect mechanism
>  contradicts the user it should be treated sa a milder form of a
>  conflict? (like recommends is a milder form of depends).

Just a clarification.  There isn't really a "hold" in deity.  At least
not in the sense of dselect.  There is more of a soft "hold".  If you
choose not to upgrade a package, it is effectively put on hold in that
'keep' is selected until the user clicks on 'inst' again .(If this is
what you meant, then I appologise)

Oh yes, and it also sounds like we may have a way of excluding a package
from being auto-updated.  (turning off auto for a particular package).

>         Then people can choose to ignore mold conflicts (like
>  recommends and suggests are options).

I'm not sure I understand this comment.  What do you mean by "mold

>         I'd expand on this, but I'm in the middle of cooking; and
>  something will burn soon

I find email and cooking doesn't really mix either. 8)



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