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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc


	Since we are keeping track of how a package is selected for
 installation (user action, or auto selected 'cause of dependencies);
 could we have notices (or red exclamation marks or whatever) show up
 if a package is being auto selected/removed in direct contravention
 of user action?

	For example, I have sudo put on hold (since the new versions
 of sudo fail to parse the config file); I would hate to have the
 version upgraded after I had put it on hold. I know I'll have another
 option to check this, but aybe if the auto-select-deselect mechanism
 contradicts the user it should be treated sa a milder form of a
 conflict? (like recommends is a milder form of depends).

	Then people can choose to ignore mold conflicts (like
 recommends and suggests are options).

	I kinda like the symmetry.

	I'd expand on this, but I'm in the middle of cooking; and
 something will burn soon

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